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Jennifer Johnson

With over 30 years of professional experience, Jennifer is a widely respected and sought after teacher, practitioner, and curricular consultant.

Prior to dedicating herself full-time to her private practice, she spent 15 years as an Associate Professor at the University of the Arts. She taught modern dance, repertory, performance skills, pilates, GYROKINESIS® exercise, and mentored thousands of young dancers. She created and ran the innovative and highly successful curricular track entitled Body Pathways, which integrated concepts in dance science, cross training, physical therapy, and dance performance enhancement techniques to encourage safe dance practice, optimal performance, and injury prevention.

Education: She earned her MFA in modern dance from the University of Utah. She is certified and licensed to teach GYROKINESIS® and GYROTONIC® level 1, level 2, Applications for Dancers, as well as JSB. She is a pre-trainer in GYROKINESIS® and GYROTONIC® exercise and conducts Teacher Training workshops in Philadelphia.

She trained in Pilates under the late Robert Fitzgerald in New York City. She currently studies with Irene Dowd and has completed numerous teacher training courses.

Jennifer has enjoyed a very active performing career, dancing worldwide with such companies as The Martha Graham Dance Company, Pilobolus, Moveopolos, and Martha@...., Brian Sanders JUNK, as well as touring for a year with the Moscow Circus. She is a member of the International Association of Dance Medicine and Science, the Performing Arts Medical Association, and the Royal Society of Medicine.



Among many qualities I admire in Jennifer, the two I prize most are her compassionate heart and immense knowledge. She listens and observes with great care and, because of her vast array of techniques, is extremely talented at discerning the changing needs of her client so as to make the appropriate adjustments. One feels with Jennifer that client comes before self, always.

-Steve, Professor of Philosophy


Originally, I sought advice on how to safely improve my turn out.  My first meeting with Jennifer, I learned many useful tools, that not only helped me improve my turn out but so much more!  My knee, which has never recovered from a bad dislocation, stopped hurting entirely! My balance improved! I felt more secure in my alignment! I’ve continued to see Jennifer weekly over the past couple of months. My dancing has improved immeasurably. Every lesson leaves me a little more confident in my ability to express myself and do so safely and intelligently.  I am able to approach my classes more intellectually, applying a deep understanding of my body’s biomechanics within the demands of the technique. From small compliments from teachers to my mom's exclamations after seeing me perform, the value and impact of Jennifer’s teaching is worth every penny! I cannot recommend her enough!

-Barbara, Professional Ballet Dancer


I wanted to tell you that I am so happy with how my body is feeling since I started with you only a few weeks ago. You have helped me tremendously.I am able to move much more freely and fluidly, without pain and feeling more relaxed.  I am hitting the golf ball much better and farther with less effort now that you are teaching me how to maximize movement and be more flexible.   It's like learning how to walk again.

See you next week

-Mike, Golf enthusiast 


Jennifer brings her sharp eye and intuitive muscle to every gyro session.  As a thoughtful and sensitive teacher, she works strategically to ensure deep learning. Jennifer frames each session with goals that can be realized, targeting specific challenges head-on so that real changes are made. Her generous and enthusiastic spirit creates a wonderful space for working, for learning and for growing.  

-Deenah, non-profit director, former dancer


Jennifer is an amazing Gyrotonic instructor!  She has a keen eye for alignment and technique and offers kind suggestions for improving both.  She is sensitive to any body/pain issues of the day and addresses them with a “hands on” approach and with the equipment. My strength and mobility have improved, and perhaps, more importantly, my knowledge and self-awareness.

-Barbara, Pediatric physical therapist